How To Join

Although membership is not required to be a part of our church community, by being a member, it indicates that you have made a commitment to not only upholding the ministry of University UMC but to your own personal spiritual growth and development.

When you choose to join University United Methodist Church, we will ask you two questions. These questions are at the heart of our mission and ministry.

The first question relates to a very important understanding of our congregational life. We believe that life is a dynamic journey and our understanding of the faith, scripture and our church life should reflect that dynamic nature. Our approach to ministry, our reading of scripture, the integration of faith and life and our perspective on the world is never static. Our quest is to move forward in the spirit of love, embraced by God’s love and opening our lives to embrace one another. To be part of this community is to understand that we are ever evolving and open to the nurturing, challenging and ever-present Spirit of God’s love.

Secondly, our life of faith is not limited to our church life; rather, the church is called to help nurture our lives of discipleship in the world. Our lives of discipleship are encouraged and supported by our faith; at the same time, our faith is strengthened and shaped by our faithful witness in the world.

With this understanding, the first question of church membership is this:

As a Christian community, we hold that the life and teachings of Jesus are central in our conduct, discipleship and community life. We further believe that our walk with God is indeed a journey and there is great benefit in traveling that journey together. Will you share your journey of faith and your walk with God in the community called the University United Methodist Church?

The second question of church membership has been asked in one form or another for more than 200 years:

Will you support the ministries of University UMC by your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service and your witness?

Although the intent is usually to join a local congregation, a United Methodist is by identity and design a part of the larger denomination. Our covenant is with Jesus the Christ and with the church (local and denomination) seeking to be Jesus’ disciples in the world. Although each individual must decide how he or she will live out this covenant, we try to create an environment of invitation, nurture, challenge and mutual accountability, as we together grow in our discipleship.